Who has never dreamed of the hand luggage ideal for flying? The one that's not too bulky or too small to carry your essentials, and ingenious enough not to even be charged extra?
The luggage headache is mostly for passengers who travel on low cost companiesThey are forced to sacrifice some of their personal belongings or risk paying a surplus that is often out of their budget.
But when visiting family, for example, traveling light is impossible because there are so many gifts to take with you.
By Nikolay N. Antonov / Adobe Stock
Low cost carriers such as Wizz Air make maximum savings on the space used on board the aircraft, and the presence of suitcases weighs in the balance. Thus the baggage policy of Wizz Air allows a single piece of hand luggage weighing 10 kg to be placed in the storage area above the seats. The presence of a second luggage cabin is not free. The alternative offered with the acquisition of this bag is therefore very ingenious.
This perfect bag exists, and it's called the Narwel Duffel bag. Its special feature is that it can be slipped under your airplane seat, so travelers don't have to pay extra for extra luggage. This is what is reported by The Sun, British newspaper which noted a craze among the passengers towards this discovery.
This bag has several advantages: it is waterproof, has multiple pockets for efficient storage, can be attached to any type of rolling luggage and its foldable fabric means that it takes up little space when stored.
[Photo: Amazon]Popular with passengers on a tight travel budget, this bag is very popular with its buyers, seduced by its practicality and economy. This best-seller sold massively at Amazon has another important advantage: a very attractive price.
The English tabloid specifies that it initially cost 9.99 pounds or about 11 euros 50, but as part of the Black Friday promotions it is currently available for the equivalent of 9 euros 20. A perfect opportunity for members of the diaspora established abroad who will be able to return home with more stuff, without breaking the bank.
Flight cancellations and delays are commonplace in the United States.


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