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Edition of Le Soir Côte d'Or
Thu. 05/01/2023
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Edition of Le Soir Côte d'Or
Thu. 05/01/2023
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In an interview with World published this Saturday, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin said he wanted to make it possible to expel "any foreigner" who "has committed serious acts". This will involve lifting certain conditions, notably that of the age of arrival in France.
"Today, a foreigner who has committed serious acts cannot be deported as long as he or she meets certain conditions, such as having arrived on French territory before the age of 13," the minister said in detail. "We want to allow the deportation of any foreigner found guilty of a serious offence by the courts, regardless of his or her condition of presence on French territory", he added, adding that "this is something that corresponds to the regalian program that the President presented to the French".
This new provision will be included in the future law on the orientation and programming of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi), "to be presented in the autumn". To ensure its adoption, Gérald Darmanin insisted on the government's "outstretched hand" to the opposition. "We are ready to discuss, amend and find compromises with the LR, the centrists and even part of the left", assured the minister to the World.
Gérald Darmanin added that the government is also prepared to "take up" in the Lopmi "a number of proposals such as the anti-breakers law by Bruno Retailleau (LR)", and, "in terms of immigration, to reflect on the conclusions of the excellent report" by François-Noël Buffet (LR).
Speaking to the guts of the French
In this interview with WorldGérald Darmanin also returned to the subject of the debacle of the presidential majority in the legislative elections. deprived Emmanuel Macron of an absolute majority in the National Assembly. Faced with this "sign" sent out by voters, the Minister of the Interior called on his camp to "speak to the guts of the French", in the image of "Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen", but "differently". "They divide and exploit fears. We need to be positive, empathetic and willing to listen," he insisted. "If the governing parties don't do this, it will leave a huge field for the extremes and prepare a populist alternation in the country."
The occupant of Place Beauvau, however, brushed aside any alliance with La France insoumise and Rassemblement national. "We need to find a compromise with the governing parties. They exist on the right and the left. Because while their voters may not have opted for a presidential majority in the legislative elections, they haven't opted for gridlock either. With them, we can discuss a whole range of subjects on which we can reach agreements", declared Gérald Darmanin, insisting that "it's very important that the dikes are clear between the parties that have a republican culture and those that don't".
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