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Since the release of James Cameron's film "Titanic", the Rose/Jack couple has been the center of attention. However, in real life, it was another couple who made headlines with their tragic story, briefly touched on in the film.
Although the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912 is a tragic true story that led to the deaths of over 1,500 people, the Rose DeWitt Bukater/Jack Dawson couple never existed. Indeed, these characters, played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio come straight from the imagination of James Cameronscreenwriter and director of film with 11 Oscars.
To heighten the tragic destiny of this ocean liner, Cameron has chosen to focus on a love story between two passengers who have nothing in common: the wealthy heiress and the penniless artist.
Audiences fall in love with their romanceuntil the heartbreaking denouement that will have us crying our eyes out.
While Rose and Jack never existed, similar dramas played out on that fateful night, and many couples were separated, mainly during the canoe departures (women and children first), or chose to perish together. The best-known story is that of Isidor and Ida Straus.
Among the images of the shipwreck seen in the film, the one of the couple lying in bed, with water pouring into the room, is one of the most striking. What you may not have known is that it was inspired by the true story of the Straus couple, who remained united to the end.
Isidor Straus, born in 1845, was a wealthy American businessman and co-owner of Macy's stores. In 1870, he married Rosalie Ida Blun, who became Ida Straus. A close-knit couple, they are inseparableThey write to each other every day when they're not together.
On April 10, 1912, they both boarded the Titanic from Southsampton in a first-class suite, accompanied by their butler. and their servantEllen Bird.
On the night of the shipwreck, Ida Straus, who had a reserved place on board one of the few lifeboats, refused to leave her husband. The latter was offered a place by her side, but also refused, "as long as there were women and children left on the ship". In the end, it's their servant who comes aboard.
At the officer's suggestion, Isidor Straus declared that he was "no better than anyone else".
For her part, Ida Straus declared:
We lived together, we'll die together.
According to the many accounts given by survivors of the shipwreck, Ida and Isidor Straus are sitting side by side in deckchairs. waiting to be washed away. The film's image of them embracing in bed is therefore romanticized, but Cameron wanted to pay tribute to them.
In a scene cut from TitanicIsidor can be seen trying to persuade his wife to get into a canoe, to which she replies "we've been together for 40 years, wherever you go, I'll follow you." Check it out below:
The body of Isidor Straus has been found, identified, and lies in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York. His grave also serves as a cenotaph for his wife, whose body was never found.
In the National Geographic documentary Titanic, 20 years onthe couple's great-grandson, Paul Kurzman, shows James Cameron a very precious object which was found on the body of his great-grandfather: a pendant with his initials engraved on it, containing two photos: those of his two eldest children: Jesse and Sara, Paul Kurzman's grandmother. Kurzman said it was the most precious object he owned.
If you're interested in the secrets behind James Cameron's film, we suggest you take a look at the alternative end sceneor to deleted scenes to have seen.
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