As "Avatar: The Way of the Water" arrives in cinemas this December 14, James Cameron took the opportunity to reveal a few secrets about one of his greatest successes: "Titanic".
Currently promoting "Avatar: The Way of the Waterwhich hits cinemas this December 14, James Cameron took the time to look back at one of his greatest hits: "Titanic". On the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary, cult film to return to theaters next February. An opportunity for the director to share a few anecdotes about the creative process behind this blockbuster.
From Kate Winsletwho plays Rose DeWitt Bukater and whom the director will be reuniting with in the second instalment of the "Avatar" saga, he let himself go with a few confidences to " Entertainment Tonight "on December 9. Among them is - hang on to your hats - the one that explains how Leonardo DiCaprio was almost left out of the cast of "Titanic". Incredible but true.
If "Titanic" without Leonardo DiCaprio seems impossible to imagine today, it almost was in 1997. Indeed, James Cameron reportedly had trouble integrating the future Hollywood star into the cast of his cult film. The director confided that the "Titanic" team were also considering Tobey Maguire (aka Spiderman in the Sam Raimi films) for the role of Jack Dawson. "We wanted to cast Leo, but I'd never seen him act, and he didn't want to audition. I said to him, 'You're already a diva? At 19?". I asked him to stop...
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