Twenty-five years ago, Titanic was released in cinemas. A cinema classic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, the film almost never found its Jack. Director James Cameron was on the verge of turning down the project, but had to insist that his star be cast.
Twenty-five years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio was revealed in Titanic. A true cinematic classic, the feature film held the record for the most the world's biggest box office success, beforeAvatar dethrone him. In this tragic romance, he plays Jack Dawson, a penniless young American who has a passionate romance with the wealthy and unhappily married Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet. Although the two performers shine as their respective characters, nothing was a foregone conclusion.
While it's Matthew McConaughey, originally slated to play the irresistible Jack, James Cameron indicated that he had hesitated before giving Leonardo DiCaprio a chance. At issue: the nonchalant behavior of Hollywood's rising star made a bad impression on the filmmaker.which had initially preferred to leave it at thatas he revealed in a filmed interview with GQ. A shady exchange which the auditionee quickly made up for to land the coveted role. However, this interview with the director is not the only reason for which ex-partner Gisele Bündchen might never have boarded the liner.
If Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are great friends since they met on the set, Rose and Jack almost never fell in love on screen. In addition to a disastrous audition with a happy ending, the man recently accused of ageism a expressed some reservations about the script, which he found boring. It was James Cameron himself who had to force the hand of the lucky man who was ready to decline the project: "He didn't want to play the leading role at the time", says the filmmaker to People. Before continuing : "I really had to force his hand to get him to agree to be in the film. He didn't want to do it. He thought it was boring!"
Also, the Oscar-winning actor a finally "accepted the role" when the filmmaker "convinced that it was in fact a real challenge, a really difficult role to play". James Cameron's insistence clearly paid off, and he spoke proudly of his protégé's career in the wake of this success: He made very authentic choices. And I never doubted his talent." Thanks to TitanicLeonardo's career is certainly afloat.
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