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The port of Tofino, British Columbia
Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Moulier
Tofino's mayor is pleased to learn that a Vancouver Island company will be offering passenger service between his community and Nanaimo.
This is excellent and encouraging news said Dan Law.
Starting on January 30, IslandLink will be offering round-trip service three times a week in a van between Tofino and the ferry terminal at BC Ferries to Nanaimo.
Two stops are planned at Port Alberni and Ucluelet.
IslandLink plans to extend its service to every day from May 18.
IslandLink will be carrying passengers between Tofino and Nanaimo from January 30.
Photo : IslandLink
The service comes into effect at the beginning of the month of Wilson Transportation to stop connecting these communities before the return of the high season. At the time of its announcement, the company justified its withdrawal by pointing to the lack of passengers outside the peak tourist months.
According to IslandLink owner Phillip Morgan, vans will be able to carry up to 15 passengers. This is more cost-effective than buses, he says, because the communities are so small on the island that there aren't enough passengers to justify larger vehicles.
B.C. grants 27 M$ in assistance to the regional transportation sector
This new service is good news for the elderly and those without a car, says Marcie DeWitt of the Alberni Clayoquot Health Network.
IslandLink will charge 65 $ for a one-way trip between Nanaimo and Tofino.
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