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Director David Bobée, an activist of the wokist left, proposes a new reading of the "Wokist" movement. "review of Molière's play and its main character, which he sees as the symbol of a "violent masculinity.
"Should statues be taken down?"In a creation presented from Tuesday at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille, the director David Bobée proposes a rereadingreview"from "Dom Juan"from Molièrea great figure who, according to him, has become "issues"as a symbol ofviolent masculinity"gone.

By revisiting this classic, written in the 17th century, the theater's director, known for his political involvement with the wokist left-wing movements, intends to question the public's relationship with the great historical and literary figures ".whose stories burden us"he explained at a press conference on Wednesday. Presented from January 17 to 29 in Lille, "Dom Juan or the Stone Feast"will then play until June in 14 venues across France.
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At a time when "the company questions itselfIn David Bobée's view, "the same questions arise in the cultural arena when it comes to unbolting statues. "Is it still possible to perform certain situations or plays that are annoying in the way they deal with relationships of domination and violence against women? Dom Juan isn't just the story of a seducer, it's the story of domination and all the areas of contemporary discrimination."Then the director, sure of his interpretation, lists a few examples. Then the director, sure of his interpretation, lists a few examples: "Each scene deals with a violence he inflicts on others: glottophobia in the face of peasant accents, class contempt towards the poor, ageism with his father, and "obviously sexism".
With his staging, David Bobée chooses "humanize"secondary characters, to make "bring out the violence"of Dom Juan. He has chosen as his backdrop huge statues, damaged or lying on the ground, of ancient illustrious figures: a forgotten god (without head, limbs or sex), or a "merger"We're also proud to present the work of historical figures such as Stalin, Nero and Caligula. So many "shameful parts of our history"according to the director.

Without distorting the text or "cut out problematic sentences"David Bobée took the liberty of "disengage" certain characters or change their ethnic origin. "The father, a major figure, becomes a mother. The peasant women, peasants with Mandarin accents."

The choice of actors is also intended to "manifesto"for a "diversity of origins, bodies, ages". For the lead role, David Bobée chose Radouan Leflahi, already the performer of his "Peer Gynt"in 2018. Shade Hardy Garvey Moungondo, Nadège Cathelineau or Catherine Dewitt will give him the replica. "Theater should portray violence, but not just any old way"concludes David Bobée. "Should the statues be removed? No. But perhaps remove a few pedestals."
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What to do to get noticed! To think that these people are subsidized! Wokism does a lot of damage to the brain. It's an exercise in style!
If there's one (or one) cluttering up our lives, I'm not sure it's Molière.
Bof - bof
DOM JUAN.- You only have to see if you want to win a Louis d'or or not, here's one I'll give you if you swear, you have to swear. LE PAUVRE - Sir. SGANARELLE - Go on, swear a little, there's no harm done. DOM JUAN - Take it, here it is, take it, I tell you, but swear. THE POOR - No sir, I'd rather starve to death. DOM JUAN - Go, go, I give it to you for the love of humanity [...].
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At Lille's Théâtre du Nord, Dom Juan is debunked by "disgendering" him
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