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The "Les combattantes" series tells the story of 4 courageous women who fought for their lives during the First World War. These women are a source of inspiration for many, whose stories have been a beacon of courage, a model of strength and a source of hope.
"Les combattantes", the series that recounts the courage and strength of four women.
The series Les combattantes is set in Paris, France. The series tells the story of four women of different status who face different situations during the First World War. The 4 women are as follows:
Julie de Bona plays the role of Mother Superior in the "Les combattantes" series. During the First World War, Mother Agnès, assisted by the nuns, helped military doctor Joseph Duvernet to provide the best possible relief for soldiers who had fallen victim to the fighting. As the war raged on, the number of wounded and suffering soldiers continued to mount. The nun (Julie de Bona) begins to doubt her faith as the nuns struggle to bring comfort to the soldiers perishing in the war. To top it all off, the nun finds herself shaken by Colin de Régniera young soldier who was found naked in the forest and later hospitalized in a military hospital. Finally, the nun discovers the scheming and deception of Abbé Vautrin.
Camille Lou plays Suzanne Faure, a feminist nurse who works at the military hospital under the name Jeanne Charrier. The Mother Superior meets Jeanne's supposed husband, Faure (Camille Lou), who is in fact a spy in the service of the Germans.
 the 4 fighting girls
Actress Audrey Fleurot plays Marguerite de Lancastel, a Parisian prostitute who has just left her hometown. After the war, the young woman is hired by Marcel Dumont and his sister Yvonne to work in the Saint-Paulin brothel. One day, while she was away, Yvonne searched the bedroom of Lancastel (Audrey Fleurot) and discovered maps of the region, showing the positions of the regiments. Following this discovery, Marcel Dumont, the owner, suspects Lancastel of being a spy. However, it turns out that Lancastel was looking for a young Saint-Cyrien who is in fact his hidden son, none other than officer Colin de Régnier.
Sofia Essaïdi plays Caroline Dewit in the series The fighters. She is the wife of Victor Dewitt, the big boss of a truck industry. Victor is called up for military service, and his workers are arrested as deserters. His wife (Sofia Essaïdi) has taken over the running of the company and is trying to get it up and running.. However, she comes up against the evil tricks of her brother-in-law Charles, who is seeking refuge from his assignment to fight in the First World War. War is declared between the two young men. Charles wants to turn his brother Victor's industry into a munitions factory for the war, while Dewit's wife, with the support of her mother-in-law, wants to create ambulances for military service.
A little insight into the lives of the 4 women in the TV series "The fighters". Their courage, will to live and solidarity are evident in every episode of the series. For Caroline, her husband was killed in action at the front, so she's nicknamed the widow factory manager in "Les combattantes". Since Victor's death, Charles has been fighting his late brother's wife over the transformation of the factory. As for Lancastel, she meets Caroline in Paris, France. The historical adventure of these 4 women begins with this meeting.
The TV series "Les combattantes" is a real success. It demonstrates the value of women, their courage, strength and solidarity. What makes the series "The fighters"is like :
Indeed, in the TV series "The fighters"The story shows that no matter what life throws at you, you can always overcome it with courage and strength. The story also shows that friendship is one of the most important things in life. The series is also a tale of hope, showing that dark moments are only part of life.
The TV series "Les combattantes" tells the story of 4 strong, courageous women, who each made their own contribution during the First World War. A religious woman and a nurse who care for wounded soldiers, another woman who plays spy to find her son, and a widow who tries to transform her late husband's factory to create ambulances for military service. The series was broadcast in France on September 19, 2022, and in Belgium on September 13, 2022.
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