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After a spectacular season 3 full of twists and turns, the gang from The Boys is preparing for its return, and its universe is about to expand even further. We take a look at the latest news on the small screen's most charismatic anti-heroes.
As the 3rd season of the series The Boys was completed a few months ago with Prime VideoAs the series continues to unfold, fans are eager to know what will happen to Butcher and his comrades. Expectations are focused primarily on season 4, which is gradually being unveiled, but also on the new spin-off Gen V, which is also starting to make waves. What does the future hold for the franchise? Here's everything we know at the moment.
We already knew that 3 new Supers would join the series in 2023 and that the actor who plays Black Noir would play a new character but new information has been revealed about next season's cast. If you've read the comic book behind the series, you may know that the character of Hughie was drawn from the face of comedian Simon Peggwho played the young man's father in a few episodes of season 1. The star of Shaun of the dead will return in the next season, and we'll also find out who Hugie's mother is, as she'll be played by actress Rosemarie DeWitt.
But he's not the only familiar face to be seen in the next season of The Boys. The actor Jeffrey Dean Morganbest known for being the Negan from The Walking Deadjoins the world of The Boys for season 4! After Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy in The Boys) and Jim Beaver, the third actor in the series. Supernatural to be called in by showrunner Eric Kipke, who had worked on the adventures of the Winchester brothers before taking on the Prime Video series, which challenges the superhero myth.
While no official synopsis has yet been revealed, Eric Kripke confided in an interview with Gamespot and reveals what he intends to focus on in season 4 of The Boys :
So, once again, there's plenty of trouble ahead. But while we're waiting for season 4, we'll be treated to a new dive into the universe created by comic-book author Garth Ennis, thanks to the new spin-off Gen-V.
After the animated series Diabolicalthe universe of The Boys gets a new spin-off with Gen-VThis time in live-action, and with much younger main characters than in the main show, since these are students. Designated as the "Vought Generation", these young people with extraordinary abilities will not, of course, all be putting their talents to good use... Here's the bloody trailer:
Thanks to this first teaser, we discover that a number of faces well known to The Boys fans will be in the cast, including Jessie T. Usher (A-Train), Colby Minifie (vice-president of Vought International) and even the character of Adam Bourke (played by Paul Jeffrey Birne) director of the (fake) film Dawn of the Seven which is filmed in the main series. The release date has not yet been announced, but we already know that Gen V will be released on the streaming platform in 2023, probably a few months before season 4 of The Boys. No doubt about it: next year will be a bloody one on Prime Video!
Sources : Brain DamagedGamespot, Collider
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