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It's been thirteen years since James Cameron's Avatar (2009) took audiences by storm. With innovations in film technology, the team helped define what the future of blockbuster movies would be. With a story detailing the ups and downs of humanity, it took an epic cast to pull together this opening salvo of an epic franchise.
Here, we'll review the cast featured in the sequel to this epic film, Avatar: The Way of the Water (2022). We will cover the role they play and notable roles they have played in the past. These may be roles they are well known for or a role that can help them gain experience for the next step in their career.
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Stephen Lang has a long resume that dates back to 1985. In this film he will play a strong and violent character with which he has a lot of experience, as he is known for his work as Norman Nordstrom or "The Blind Man" in the duology Don't Breathe. Stephen Lang has also played in video games, having played Elias Walker in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
Stephen Lang is no stranger to the Avatar franchise, having played the role of Colonel Miles Quaritch, playing a strong and antagonistic force against the native Na'vi. This role proved so impressive that Stephen Lang received a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is set to reprise the role, despite the death of the character in the first film.
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Cliff Curtis has been working in Hollywood since the early 90s. He has made appearances in films such as The Last Airbender (2010), where he would play Fire Lord Ozai. While this film would be the subject of much criticism, Cliff Curtis appeared in well-received entries, such as when he played Jonah Hobbs in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw and Billy Freeman in Doctor Sleep. One of his best known roles, however, would come on television in Fear the Walking Dead.
Cliff Curtis will take on one of the most important roles in this film, as he will be Tonowari, the leader of the new Pandoran clan, known for his excellent skills in the water. Cliff Curtis has plenty of time in the water, as he also played James "Mac" Mackreides in The Meg (2019).

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Kate Winslet will move on to another big franchise. The starry actress was part of the Divergent series, taking on the antagonistic role of Jeanine Matthews. She was also nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997).
Kate Winslet will assume the role of Ronal, a member of the Metkayina. Kate Winslet had made some early news about her role. With many of her scenes involving being deep underwater, Winslet set a record when she held her breath for over seven minutes during filming. It was noted that her character is one of the best free divers in the Metkayina clan.
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Sigourney Weaver has enjoyed a career resurgence after launching her career in 1979 with the first Alien film. After starring in one of the biggest sci-fi horror franchises as the lead heroine Ellen Ripley, Weaver went on to star in several major franchise projects, including The Defenders (playing antagonist Alexandra Reid) and numerous appearances in the Ghostbusters films (where she would play the assistant, Dana Barrett.)
Sigourney Weaver starred in the first Avatar film as Dr. Grace Augstine, a role in which she would win the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. While Dr. Grace Augustine would be a casualty of the epic final battle, Sigourney Weaver is expected to return to the franchise as a new character. She will play Kiri, a Na'vi teenager who is taken in by Jake and Neytiri.

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The first Avatar film was a rocket ship for Zoe Saldana's career, with the actress taking on more impressive work after her stellar performance in the film. In the thirteen years since the first film, Saldana has taken on roles such as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and is set to play a lead role in the upcoming Paramount Plus series Lioness (2023).
Zoe will reprise her role as Neytiri, although between the films, Neytiri has become the new spiritual leader of the Na'vi. After the events of the first film, Neytiri learns to be a leader of her tribe and now trusts Jake Sully completely as her partner. Alongside him, Neytiri is poised to protect her people as the audience begins to see what the rest of Pandora has to offer.
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Sam Worthington has had experience playing a serious action hero character, though more people may know him for his work in video games than his work on the big screen. Playing the iconic war hero Alex Mason in the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise, Worthington has had the honors of leading a popular game franchise to record sales. He also played Captain Glover in the 2016 war film Hacksaw Ridge.
Making his return to the franchise, Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, a paraplegic US Marine veteran who takes his twin brother's place in the RDA (Resources Development Administration) "avatar" program. Jake initially served as a bodyguard, but over time he grew closer to the Na'Vi and sided with them in the coming war. With new and old threats on the horizon, Jake must prove himself a capable leader as he prepares his people for survival.
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