Little Jack Culverhouse, only one year old, didn't appreciate getting false nail glue in his eyes. On September 23, he was sleeping in the arms of his nursery nurse, while she was busy applying his false nails. The tube of glue exploded and ended up in the toddler's face, including his eyes.
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The baby's face began to swell and his eyelashes ended up stuck together. After being taken to hospital, everything went back to normal and the toddler's eyesight was unaffected. An investigation was launched and the woman involved in the incident was dismissed by the nursery.

But Jack's 18-year-old mom, Aimee, is considering lodging a complaint: "I'm angry and upset because I had put all my trust in them. His eyesight may not be affected, but I feel he's been traumatized. He used to sleep through the night, but now he's scared."
A spokeswoman for the nursery said: "We acted immediately when the incident occurred, with staff providing first aid to the child. On the advice of the paramedics, Jack was taken to hospital. The member of staff involved was immediately suspended from work and, following our investigation, was eventually dismissed."
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