No, Citroën is not going to sell a multi-million-euro "full-carbon" Citroën AMI. But, given the success of the ultra-limited AMI Buggy series, the brand with the chevrons is going to reintroduce it in a slightly less limited version.
Those who fell for the first limited series, and were hoping for a speculative operation, can rest assured that the next "My Ami Buggy" edition will be slightly different from the first. Phew! Above all, 1,000 (one thousand) units are planned. That's a long way from the first 50. Citroën, never short on flair, has decided to repeat the success.
This new "My Ami Buggy" should also sell like hotcakes, especially as the AMI is now available in 9 countries. So many markets interested in this quirky-looking quadricycle. If you're interested, register at Orders will open "at the end of the first quarter of 2023", with the first deliveries scheduled for late summer.
The differences with the first edition will be detailed later, before orders open. Citroën's little 100% electric plastic contraption plays on the code of "hipness". Compact and zero-emission (exhaust), the AMI has even been chosen by seaside and island police forces and local authorities.
A poker game totally mocked at the outset, the AMI has already sold over 30,000 copies in 2 years. In France, it has become the AMI of parents who are afraid to send their offspring to school by scooter or public transport. In the countryside, we're starting to see them replacing "no-license" (AM license required) diesel cars.
AMIs can also be found in some of the world's most exclusive hotels, which offer these vehicles as a way of discovering historic centers that are off-limits to combustion-powered vehicles. Some companies even have fleets of AMIs for on-site travel.
Citroën continues to roll out the AMI commercially, with Switzerland coming soon, but especially Malta and the French overseas departments. It could well be a hit in these territories.
After all, why shouldn't Citroën make the Buggy version available in 1,000 units that will sell out quickly? Couldn't the next one be an AMI Azur edition? White and blue, like the Mehari in its day? Chiche?
The Ami has become, for the moment, a trendy little object. Some don't hesitate to have it covered with a Citroën Rallye-style sticker, or in their own color. Much nicer than the basic blue-gray plastic. It won't help Citroën make comfortable margins, but at least it gets people talking. The Ami starts at €7,790, excluding the €900 bonus. There's inflation on the AMI, which was launched at €6,900.
Following the success of the first ultra-limited series (50 units) of the My Ami Buggy, Citroën has decided to relaunch it in 1000 units. Slightly different, this new buggy will go on sale at the end of the first quarter, for delivery in summer 2023.

A new hit for this vehicle, which has already sold over 30,000 units in 2 years?
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