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Titanic was a worldwide phenomenon from the moment of its theatrical release in 1997. Critically acclaimed, the eleven-episode film Oscars was directed by James Cameron. The feature film made stars of Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio.
The plot begins in 1997. Rose DeWitt Bukater, aged 102, is a survivor of the sinking of the Titanic. She recalls her time on board the ship as a young girl in 1912.
Rose is 17 when she boards first class on the "Ship of Dreams". Her mother, Ruth Dewitt Bukater (Frances Fischer), is in financial difficulties, and forces her to marry Cal Hockeley, a wealthy, arrogant and boorish businessman. 
Throughout the film, Cal and Ruth try their best to turn Rose into an exemplary wife. Through this future marriage, Ruth hopes to maintain her luxurious lifestyle, and Cal, to have a docile partner who will bend to his every wish.
But on this trip, Rose falls in love with Jack Dawson, a penniless artist and third-class passenger. Their passionate love affair will turn their respective destinies upside down. 
In this cult scene, Rose invites Jack to join her in her apartments at dusk. She wants him to draw her.
"It's very suitable, I assure you," Rose says with a burst of laughter, welcoming Jack into the living room. "Does the light suit you?" she asks him. Rose has left the party where her fiancé Cal was, to spend some time with her lover. The young woman welcomes the modest artist into her sumptuous suite, where he raves about Monet paintings belonging to her fiancé. 
Draw me like one of your French girls
For her part, Rose gets busy. She heads for the safe, where she has stored the "Heart of the Ocean", a 56-carat necklace with a heart-shaped blue stone, given to her by Cal. More to mark her territory than to show her love.
"It's beautiful! What is it? Sapphire?" asks Jack, examining the jewel, which Rose has handed him. "No, a diamond. A very rare diamond," she points out.
Rose gathers her courage and delivers that famous line: "Jack, draw me like one of your French girls... wearing this," she says of the luxurious necklace. "D'accord," replies Jack, in a concentrated tone. "Only this," Rose insists.
With this request, Rose breaks all the social conventions imposed by her entourage. It's a real moment of emancipation for the young girl, who is asserting her freedom of choice, as she is being forced into marriage.
Rose delicately removes a brooch, letting down her magnificent red hair. In releasing her hair, she also sheds the weight of her social rank. Jack is preparing to sketch her portrait, seated in an armchair, when she appears dressed in a transparent black and gold bathrobe. The young artist smiles at her, somewhat moved. 
"The last thing I need is another portrait of myself looking like a porcelain doll," she explains. Rose has control of the situation, and can finally be herself, no longer putting on a show.
"As a customer, I expect to get what I want," she demands, handing him a coin. She then drops her bathrobe, revealing herself naked to a stunned Jack.
Rose regains possession of her body, which has often been used to her detriment. She escapes the accusing gazes of her mother and fiancé, and realizes that she doesn't belong to them. At that moment, she is mistress of her own destiny. 
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