For Nicaela Bier, a young mother of 28, Mother's Day will forever be the worst day of her life. The American tragically lost her 11-month-old baby on what was supposed to be a festive day.
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The tragedy occurred at the family home in Las Vegas on May 8. "He was taken from me at only 11 months old. I'll never understand why he left, and my heart will be broken forever," the young mom weeps.

When Nicaela met her partner Joshua Ross, 32, she was already mom to eight-month-old Aubreanna. The following year, she became pregnant. "On June 6, 2021, I was holding my son in my arms, watching Aubreanna give him a kiss. It was just incredible," Niccaela tells The Sun.
In April 2022, the little family moved into a bigger house. Nicaela decided to quit her job and look after her family. "Something told me to take some time, be at home with my children and just enjoy it," explains the mother-of-one.
But when the time comes to talk about moving in, and her new sofa in particular, Mom's voice cracks. She'll always remember the day she bought it, in March 2021. "It was a three-part electric recliner and each section had a button that controlled it," the American explains. When she brought the piece home, Niceala immediately thought it might be dangerous for Aubreanna and Ryder. But she decided to stop worrying, thinking she was worrying for nothing.
But on May 8, 2022, everything changed. "It was a Sunday. Joshua's father, Kevin, was there and we were all hanging out at home. Joshua was going to make us dinner, so he went to the supermarket," testifies Nicaela. Seeing that the children were playing quietly, the young mother quickly went to the bathroom. "I heard what sounded like a toy falling, but there was no crying," says Nicalea. "Then I heard Aubreanna calling Bubba, which is her nickname for Ryder, and she went into the toilet looking for him," she adds.
Not worried at first, the mother of the family flushed the toilet, checked the bedrooms and opened the cupboards, looking for her son. "A few minutes passed and I felt a little shiver of worry," she testifies. "I checked the front and back windows, in case I'd left them open. But there was no sign of Ryder. That's when panic set in," testifies Nicaela. "As the minutes passed and Ryder was still nowhere to be found, I felt sick with fear. I called Joshua and started to panic. That's when I looked at the couch and my stomach dropped to the floor," adds the mother-of-one.
At first glance, everything seemed normal on the sofa. But with fear in her stomach, Mom pressed the button that reclines the middle seat. As it slowly opened, she saw her son underneath. "It's impossible to describe what it felt like to see Ryder there, lifeless and stuck behind the metal bar of the chair. It was as if time had stopped when I pulled him out, seeing his blue-purple face," Nicaela sadly testifies.
The mother then realized to her horror that while her children were playing, Aubreanna had certainly opened the chair, then closed it again without realizing that Ryder was inside. Kevin, Joshua's father, quickly started CPR while Nicaela called the ambulance. Joshua hurried back from the shops and ran through the door, followed by the paramedics.
That day was a nightmare for the family. "While my precious baby was on a ventilator and fighting for his life, I went from fear of losing him to denial. This couldn't really be happening," says the mother.
Then the feeling of guilt quickly gnawed at Nicaela. "Why had I allowed that sofa into my house?" the mother wondered. Then the days turned into weeks, and Nicaela juggled visits to her daughter Aubreanna, watched over by a relative, and hospitable vigils alongside her son Ryder. "My tears never stopped," explains the young mother. "I clung to the hope that it could all be fixed somehow," she adds.
They finally got the dreaded news: "Ryder's brain damage was so severe that he couldn't walk, breathe or eat on his own. He would never speak, and they didn't even know if he could see. What kind of life is this for our boy?". On May 26, 2022, Ryder passed away. "I felt happy that he was no longer suffering. My boy was finally at peace," testifies Nicaela.
Since the tragedy, Nicaela's days have been very difficult. The sofa is gone, but the house is still the same. "I hate it here. The only reason we bought this house was so the kids could have more space. Now it's kind of cursed," explains the American. "Talking about Ryder is my only way of keeping his memory alive. You never know how much time you'll spend with your loved ones, so make the most of every moment. Life really can change in an instant," concludes Nicaela.
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